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Environ Vitamin Facials

Do you know that Vitamin A is the central driving factor in the development of normal, healthy human tissue?

Environ Vitamin Facial Treatments


Environ Vitamin A FacialThe Environ facial itself is one hour long and consists of Ionzyme Active Vitamins. The Environ Ionzyme machine applies a combination of electrical pulses and special sound waves to increase the penetration of vital skin vitamins A, C, E and beta-carotene by up to 40 times compared with simply massaging creams in by hand which deliver equivalent to 77 normal facials.

This process takes upto 60 mins. Environ Vitamin Facial deeper works into your skin which stimulates collagen, softens lines and improves elasticity at the same time increasing skin hydration and boosting radiance.

Environ’s Active Vitamin Treatment is the ultimate treatment for restoring and maintaining healthy, firm, youthful looking skin. Using only the freshest and most active forms of vitamin A, C, lactic acid and colostrum, this treatment results in the greatest penetration of active molecules through the skin to stimulate collagen production, hydrate, reduce pigmentation and scarring and normalise skin cells. A course of treatments gives results which previously were only achievable with more aggressive treatments like peels or laser.

Treatments Prices

- Environ Standard Facial Treatment £45

- Environ Vitamin Facial from £55

- Environ Advanced Vitamin Facial Treatment £85

- Environ Signature Facial from £95

- Environ Vitamin Facial + RF £135


About Environ Skincare

Environ® Skin Care was developed by South African plastic surgeon Dr Des Fernandes to address the effects of UV radiation, pollution, stress and free radical damage

Environ was founded by Dr Fernandes in 1990 and he soon expanded its number of products into a full skin care range. Environ skin care products are manufactured under strictly controlled laboratory conditions at the Environ factory in Cape Town, South Africa.Environ Skin Care is a premiere quality brand offering outstanding results for people who are serious about skincare. Formulated by Dr Des Fernandes, a world-renowned plastic surgeon, the range contains a unique combination of active ingredients to protect the skin from environmental aggressors and combat the signs of ageing.

Outstanding results for all skin types and all ages

 The unique formulations are a powerful anti-ageing tool and effectively address photo-damage, problem skin, pigmentation and dryness. People who use Environ products see results that they have never experienced before, positive changes that are tangible and real. Our aim is to provide long-term health of the skin rather than a quick, temporary fix.

Scientifically proven, active ingredients

  • Vitamin A – normalises the skin by repairing DNA, improving collagen and elastin while helping to control pigmentation and oil production
  • Vitamin C – improves skin elasticity, mops up free radicals and brightens the complexion
  • A powerful brigade of antioxidants -  beta-carotene, green tea, rooibos tea and honeybush extract neutralise the effects of free radical damage caused by light, pollutants and stress
  • Resveratrol – combats the visible signs of ageing
  • Peptides – stimulate collagen and elastin production
  • Panthenol – hydrates and heals
  • Growth factors – thicken the epidermis and enhance the effects of vitamin A

We are authorised Stockist for Environ Skincare Range and Achieved Salon of The Year Award 2015.


Environ Vitamin Facial : Simple 4 Step Process

A course of 12 Active Vitamin Treatments is recommended, once or twice a week.
Step 1
  • 15 Mins Consultation
Step 2
  • Environ Treatment
Step 3
  • Repeat every 2 Week
Step 4
  • ANP Supplements

Beauty and Care Vitamin FacialHow many treatments are recommended?
We recommend combining the MPL® and radio frequency treatments with a good skin care regime to promote healthier, softer and more radiant skin.. For best results, we would suggest having a treatment once a week for four weeks or in some cases once every 2 weeks depending on your skin’s condition.

How Quickly I will see results?
Clients usually see significant improvement after 4 to 6 treatments. The skin should continue to improve after the course of treatments have finished. Following this, it is envisaged that further maintenance treatments may be required at six monthly intervals.

Are there any secondary effects?
IPL (or the more advanced MPL® that we use) can cause some slight brief pinprick sensations. In certain cases there may be redness in the treated area, local oedema (swelling) or peri-follicular papullae (goose bumps). These effects will disappear several hours after the treatment. However in the majority of cases there are no visible secondary effects.
If treating the face we will always offer a high quality mineral make-up so that you leave the clinic feeling as confident as you did when you first came in.

Nutrients at levels that really work To make significant changes to the skin, higher levels of active ingredients are needed than those found in over-the-counter products. Available only from salons, Environ products provide essential nutrients in sufficient doses to be truly effective. Our AVST and Ionzyme ranges are based on a unique step-up programme which allows the skin to gradually acclimatise to progressively higher levels of vitamin A, resulting in a plumper, younger looking complexion.

Recommended Products After Facial

We recommend Advanced Nutrition Programme Supplements, Environ Active vitamin moisturiser, Murad Essential-C Daily Renewal Complex and Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup.
Environ Active Vitamin Moisturiser
Murad Essential-C Daily Renewal Complex

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